Actually, no one can "speak" dog  but I certainly understand how to COMMUNICATE with them. My job is to LISTEN to the non-verbal cues your dog sends and understanding what it is they need. I know how dogs think, and how they communicate; what they need to feel SAFE, HAPPY and CONTENT. If you and your dog are having issues and one of you is in the dog house, I would love to be the RELATIONSHIP COUNSELOR for you and your dog. After all, I do speak BOTH languages. 




        I use ONLY safe, non-invasive, common-sense tools and techniques to keep your dog feeling safe, loved and respected. You and your dog will be happy with our approach.                                 214.236.0705                        





"If you're looking for a beautiful, state-of-the-art, world-class website, this is not it. If you're looking for a World-Class Dog Trainer who has been training dogs of all shapes, sizes and temperaments for 3 decades plus, this crappy site is for you. Welcome!"

Larry Preston

The ​Dallas Dog Whisperer 

I Speak Dog

"Larry is absolutely amazing! He accomplished more in 1 hour than the previous 3 dog trainers were able to do with weeks of lessons!"

—Margaret H.

"Larry KNOWS dogs. Every time I see him with our two Large dogs, I'm amazed. He walks our dogs three-four times a week and our guys absolutely LOVE Larry. The commands he taught us are sooo simple but most things that work so well are. He's a Gem and we're so grateful we found him. I guess The Dog Whisperer sounds much better than the Dallas Dog Understanderer. Thanks Larry." 

—Jerry G & Tamie O 

"If you think your dog can't be trained, call Larry. I promise you he will teach your dog anything. My dog Steve wouldn’t listen to me at all. He pooped in the house, tore up my couch and clothes, and generally didn’t seem happy. Larry explained why Steve was doing what he did. Once I understood that, I was able to put into action what Larry taught me, and now Steve is back to being my best friend! Larry you're the best dude. Thanks."
—Mitch G.

"We hired Larry to help us with our Terrible Terrier Jax. He had been terrorizing our house, including my 3 children, since we adopted him, but we love him and didn't want to take him back to the shelter. As soon as Larry took charge, Jax became a completely different dog: calm, obedient, playful, quiet and guess what? No biting of me or my kiddos. Thank you Larry, you saved Jax, and us!"

—Emily P.

"I had a serious, life or death, situation with our Mastiff Hercules. We had been to other trainers, who finally told us to "just put him down". We were at our wits end, when Larry Preston was recommended to us. With the very first lesson, Larry was able to communicate with Herc, and find out the actual cause of his problems. Nobody else had taken the time to figure out what was wrong with him, but Larry spent an hour just in Herc's crate with him, not saying anything.  We were amazed then and continue to be amazed today. I dont know how he does it, but Larry is a Godsend to dogs."

—Irma V.

"Wow...This guy is good!"

—Avner W.

"Larry is truly the Dog Whisperer! Our dogs were fighting constantly, and we didn’t know why. Larry came over and resolved all their issues! We couldn't believe the way all the dogs responded to him. And best of all, he taught US the proper ways to handle them so it doesn’t happen again. Thank you Dog Whisperer!"

—Rebekkah M.

"I will admit I was skeptical when Larry assured me he could "fix" my recalcitrant Bulldog Chesty. My dog has never really listened to me, but in the last year or so he had gotten aggressive with me. I was about to take him to the pound when I thought I would give it one more try for Chesty's sake. I was astounded at how Chesty instantly recognized Larry's authority and submitted to him. Then Larry showed me how to communicate with Chesty in a way he understands. Since that day, I'm happy to report Chesty has been the perfect dog. I’m still not sure how he did it, but I'm so glad I reached out to him.

—Peter L.

"Larry is amazing! My little chihuahua was peeing and pooping all over the house, sometimes right in front of me! Larry showed me how to watch for the cues my dog was giving me, that I just wasn’t picking up on. Chica has not pottied once in the house since Larry showed us the way. Thanks Larry, you're the best!!" 

—Anna M.

"My dog was pulling so hard on our walks that I hurt my shoulder and needed surgery. We had been to PetSmart and they told us they couldn’t help us, but the trainer pulled me to the side and said "call Larry, he can fix anything". We were so amazed that Bruno was walking perfectly on their very first walk. Then Larry showed me what I was doing wrong, and how to walk Bruno properly every time. Now me and Bruno love our daily walks. If your dog pulls, call Larry!" 

—Veronica Y.

"I  cant recommend Larry strongly enough. He literally saved my dogs life. Larry you ROCK!!" 

—Belle D.

"Larry is the Bomb! He completely transformed my 2 Pit Bulls into well behaved, valued members of our house. Prior to Larry, my dogs spent most of their day in crates, due to their terrible habits. Now that Larry has shown us the light, our dogs are well mannered, calm and are no longer spending their days in crates! Thank you Larry!"  

—Maddie C.

"Thank you Larry for finally getting our Buster under control!! We never thought anyone could handle him and teach him to be a good boy, but you did it...and in just a couple visits. I cant thank you enough, from the bottom of my heart." 

—Cheryl J.

"If it werent for Larry and his dog-magic, my dog Elmo would not be here. Elmo had been biting me for a couple years, and I didnt know why. One lesson with Larry and he taught me WHY Elmo was nipping at me, and set me on the right path. Today Im happy to report Elmo and I are happy and bite free. Thanks again Larry."  

—Elizabeth R.