I am a former Marine     Semper Fido! 

The ​Dallas Dog Whisperer 

I Speak Dog

I had my first paying job taking care of dogs when I was just 15 years old working in an animal shelter. That was way back in the Bush Administration. The elder Bush # 41. I've spent the last almost 4 decades honing my dog listening skills and I've gotten a little better with the humans as well. Rest assured, I'll be prompt, nice, friendly and straightforward with you. With your dog or dogs, I can promise Love, Kindness, Loyalty and Friendship...Just what you'll get back from them when I'm done doing what I do. 

Let's be perfectly honest: If I were stranded on a tropical Island for the rest of my life and there were no people...just hundreds of dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds I would be in heaven. That's because I speak their language.

Not that I don't speak people—I do. I just relate better with your pets. That said, I know how to converse well with other 2-legged types, but for true joy nothing beats a cold wet nose and a wagging bottom to make my day. Is that "Normal"?  You tell me. If I were your therapist, your marriage counselor or your  kid's advisor we all would be in trouble. But thankfully, I do one thing and only one thing well...I speak Dog. I will speak with your dog. (Actually, truth be told I just listen. They talk via body language, eyes, sounds and reactions and I translate all that to you.)  

I've rambled long enough!!!   My name is Larry Preston the Dallas Dog Whisperer and I SPEAK DOG!  If you have a dog that you don't understand or who doesn't understand you we should talk. (Remember I do speak human too.)

Have a great day.